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Blows up to 

70 tons 

per hour 

into a 

60 -foot silo 

With a Case 100 blower you keep your self-unloading 
wagons rolling and the fastest chopper humming. 
One man can bring in a load of silage, "spot" it without 
leaving the tractor seat, unload it, and be off to the 
field in minutes. This new blower is especially fast because 
of an inclined power-agitated hopper and auger feed 
that keep the silage moving ... a big 54-inch fan 
that whooshes it up a ton a minute! 

A Case 100 will eliminate your silo-filling bottleneck, 
cut costs of handling your hay, grass, silage, bedding, 
grain and feed. 




High speed, big capacity fan 

Big 54-inch fan with six 8-inch blades provides 
plenty of lift-power to throw stickiest haylage or 
heaviest silage. Fan blades are specially designed to 
keep material moving out the delivery pipe — 
prevent recirculation and waste of power. Fan is 
driven directly from the tractor PTO for maximum -S 
speed and capacity. 

Positive-feed hopper- plus 9-inch 
auger -assure constant flow 

Low, wide, power-agitated hopper breaks up wads 
and bunches, prevents bridging even in extremely 
moist grass. This constant agitation, plus a 9-inch feed 
auger, keeps the forage moving. Deflector above the 
hopper prevents over-shooting. Hopper extends 
over the transport wheel for easy wagon spotting. 
It gives more room for side or end unloading, lets you 
pull side-unloading wagons straight ahead without 
catching the blower housing. 

Convenience features save time, add capacity 


Always ready to use — It's not 
necessary to jack up the Case 100 
or remove auxiliary transport 
wheels. Just set the tractor brakes, 
snap on the blower pipe — and 
go to work. Axle can be placed in 
either of two positions, or removed 
entirely and blower set on its 
skid-type frame. 

Blower pipe rotates 180° — Loosen Shredding knives eliminate forage binding 

one clamp — delivery pipe rotates to 
any angle you want for upright, 
bunker, pit or trench silos — no tools 
required. A water inlet is standard. 

between fan blade tips and blower 
housing. Knives prevent power loss and 
plugging. They are replaceable. 


Fan shaft of iy 4 inch steel is 

mounted solidly in 3 heavy sealed ball 
bearings that assure constant 
correct alignment, long life and low 
power requirements. 

Tractor pto and blower drive fully 
protected — Two shear bolts protect 
the pto drive against foreign objects 
or overloading. 


Main drive 

Power take-off 
Bearings — 3 heavy-duty, 
self-aligning ball 


4x8 pneumatic tires 
Bearings — roller 
Tread — 49 % in. 

Overall Dimensions 

Length — 83y 2 in. 
Width (transport) — 
70y 2 in. 


Diameter — 54 in. 
Width — 8 in. 
No. of blades — 6 

Standard Equipment 

Adjustable wheel height; belt-driven auger; direct PTO 

drive (540 RPM) with shear bolt protection; fan with ( 

adjustable blades, 3 ball bearings for fan shaft; 54-inch 

fan housing; fan shroud rotates to adjust discharge 

through 180 degrees; two parking stands; 

power requirement — 35 hp minimum; 36-inch-wide 

power-agitated hopper with end shield; shredding knives 

with replaceable blades; tow hitch with 

two-way adjustment for height; water inlet connection; 

two wheels with 4x8 pneumatic 4-ply rating tires. 

Fan shaft diameter — Hopper 

1% '"• Width — 36 in. 

Speed — 540-730 RPM Length 14 in. 

Boot outlet adjustment — projection 

Height to outlet — 57y 2 

to 631/2 in. 
Outlet diameter .(pipe 

size) — 9 in. 

Special Equipment 

Blower pipes 9-inch diameter: 2, 4, 6 and 8 feet long; 
4 to 8-foot telescoping blower pipe; pipe clamp hinged 
with lever spring clamp; reducer — 9-inch to 8-inch 
— - for adapting to 8-inch silo pipe; pipe elbows: 10-degree 
flexible, 22-degree solid, 2-foot flexible with 4-way bends 
up to 45 degrees; ensilage elbow; swivel hay deflector 
for distributing chopped hay over drier, and dry chopped 
hay or straw (long radius unit operated by ropes from 
ground); heavy-duty PTO drive; magnet. 

The J. I. Case Company reserves the right to make improvements in design and changes in 
specifications without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold. 

ask your dealer about the 


Come in. Your Case dealer will be glad to tailor a 
Crop-Way Purchase Plan to your needs. No red tape 
your Case dealer has on-the-spot information. 

J.I. CASE COMPANY, Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 


Form No. A41367D 

Printed in U.S.A.